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We all have a number of UFOs (Unfinished Objects) stashed around our sewing room. Maybe all the blocks are sewn but you just can’t find the motivation to add the sashing. Or maybe you picked out all the fabrics and found just the right pattern but you just can’t seem to make the first cut. And then there’s those mystery projects that have been in the cabinet so long you have no idea how much work is left to finish them - it might be a pleasant surprise or it might be a ton of work - who knows.

The UFO Completion Club is here to help you finish those projects! There’s satisfaction in finishing the project, but for a little extra motivation, we’ll have prizes each month. Each month we’ll draw a number. You’ll have until the next club meeting (1st Saturday of the Month) to complete that particular project from your list and bring it to the UFO Completion Club Meeting for Show & Tell. Or post the finished project to the Quilter’s Cupboard UFO Completion Club Facebook Group by 10:30 am on club day to be entered to win prizes.


Let’s talk Prizes!

  • Everyone who turns in a completed project will be eligible for our monthly prize drawing. Or maybe everyone will get a prize - it will vary by month.
  • Every completed project also gets you an entry into the grand prize valued at over $250.
  • There will be a special prize for people who complete all 12 projects.


Do I need to come in the shop? Can’t I just participate online?

The UFO Completion Club is also a social gathering. Each month, you can stop in the shop to visit with your fellow quilters and see what they’re working on. Or maybe you want a little advice on how to finish your project or what fabric you should add. They’ll be a room full of other quilters to offer they’re opinions!

Plus if you need a little extra motivator to make the trip into the shop, we’ll have special sales just during the club meeting - things we know you’ll need to finish those projects!


Oh No! I can’t possibly complete the selected project this month. Do I have any options?

You joined this club for a push and deadline to complete your projects. But we know life happens and we want you to feel good about your progress. So we will allow one swap & one substitution during the year. Let us know of the change when you turn in your completed project and will notate you used your swap or substitution.

  • Swap - We drew #6, but you really need to get project #2 done this month. Swap the numbers of two projects.
  • Substitution - #5 was your stretch project and there is just no way you can get it done this month. Pick a project from your stash that was not on your original list. The original project will no longer be on your list.


This sounds great! How do I sign up?

To sign up, pay your $50 membership fee (that’s a low price of about $4 per month) and turn in your list of 12 projects you plan to finish this year. The membership fee can also be paid online and the list emailed to Projects can include embroidery, quilting, bag sewing, etc. Keep in mind you will have roughly 30 days to complete the project once the number has been drawn, so be realistic. To encourage you to pick one project that might be a wee bit too big for a 30 day challenge, we will remove number 1 from the first two draws. So, list that project as #1.

We encourage you to finish all projects in their entirety (even binding). But we know some of you prefer to send out tops for quilting and timing might be a factor, so for those projects larger than 36” x 36” a completed top will count as a finished project.





  • Phone: 515-963-8758
  • Email:
  • 706 SW 3rd St
  • Ankeny, IA 50023